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Get a loan based on collateral

At Once A Pawn A Time, we offer four-month collateral loans to help you get the money you need quickly. Your interest rate is determined using current, legal California regulations. Bring in your item of value for a loan and our professional appraisers will determine its value. Your loan is then based on this amount.


When the loan comes due in four months, you can pay it off with interest or renew the loan for another four months.

Proper identification needed

For your loan, we will need a valid ID, driver's license, or a U.S. or Canadian passport, along with a thumbprint. Your contract will then be reviewed and sealed. We do not offer credit checks or credit reporting.

Your collateral items are always kept in a secure storage space in our shop.

Loans based on anything of value

Understand how pawn loans work

If you have any questions about pawn loans, our staff will gladly explain the process step-by-step. Get the instant cash you need in a hurry at Once A Pawn A Time.

Low-interest rates are always available. Contact our shop for more information.

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